Schengen Visa Rules Will Change After February 2023 – Here Is The Details

The Schengen visa is undeniably one of the most powerful visas in the world. One is considered fortunate to acquire the Schengen visa.

This is because the Schengen visa grants its holder the possibility to travel to 26 European countries.

One other interesting this is that 22 of these countries are part of the European Union and the number keeps increasing each year.

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Why Do You Need The Schengen Visa?

Obtaining a Schengen visa comes with a plethora of advantages to its holder.

Just come to think of it;

Travelers from over 104 countries need to have a visa before they can enter the European Union for visits up to 90 days within the Schengen Zone.

This is an indication of how important the Schengen visa is to every traveler.

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Why EU Changing Schengen Visa Code By February 2020

The main reason why the EU is changing the Schengen visa rules by February 2020 is to facilitate the application procedures.

We all know, and as a matter of fact, how hard it is to obtain a Schengen visa. As a result, the decision to change some of the rules regarding the Schengen Visa Code that regulates the issuance and benefits of the visa is in the right direction.

This is how it all started;

The European Commission, in May 2018, adopted a proposal to revise Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 with the view to strengthen the common visa policy.

This proposal took into consideration migration as well as security concerns.

Another critical suggestion for the revised form of the Schengen Visa Code is that the role of the EU’s Visa Policy should increase cooperation with third countries.

The European Parliament worked on the proposal in April this year, and the Council of the European Union gave its approval for implementation.

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What Are The Changes to Expect In the New Schengen Visa Code By 2020

You must expect several changes to the Schengen visa application procedures, but the overall effect is to improve the benefits of the visa significantly.

Some of the changes in the new and updated Schengen visa code include the following:

  1. Extended application submission periods
  2. Increased visa fees
  3. The electronic form of visa application in most countries
  4. After February 2, 2020, representatives of every Shengen member shall be present in third countries.
  5. Frequent travelers with good traveling history shall benefit from more extended visa validity periods.

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Now that you know the new Schengen visa rules changes, it is important to prepare accordingly.

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