Visa Free Countries For Kenya Passport Holders – Latest Update (2023)

Are you a Kenyan passport holder, and you want to know which countries you can travel to without a visa? Then you are at the very right place. Yes, we will provide you with all you need to know about the visa free countries for Kenya.

Here at VisaFreeUpdate, we are going to list all the visa-free countries for Kenya.

Yes, you heard me right. All the countries that you can travel to with your Kenyan passport without a visa.

If you want to know what a visa is, then read this guide.

Moreover, you can read this guide to get more insight into howt a passport actually works.

Now, let’s get back to business.

Which countries do not require a visa for Kenyans?

Hmmm, there are a lot.

Having armed yourself with enough information about visa and passport, continue reading to know all the visa-free countries you can visit with your Kenyan passport.

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What Countries Can Kenyan Passport Holders Go Without A Visa

If you are a citizen of Kenya, there are some countries that you can travel to without having a visa.

Here is the list of visa free countries for Kenya passport holders:

List of visa free countries for Kenya Passport Holders (2020)

Visa Free CountriesDuration Of Visa Free
Antigua and Barbudavisa-free / 180 days
Bahamasvisa-free / 90 days
Barbadosvisa-free / 180 days
Beninvisa-free / 90 days
Botswanavisa-free / 90 days
Burundivisa-free / 90 days
Cubavisa-free / 90 days
Dominicavisa-free / 180 days
Eswatinivisa-free / 30 days
Ethiopiavisa-free / 360 days
Fijivisa-free / 120 days
Gambiavisa-free / 90 days
Ghanavisa-free / 90 days
Grenadavisa-free / 90 days
GuineaeVisa / 90 days
Haitivisa-free / 90 days
Hong Kongvisa-free / 90 days
Indonesiavisa-free / 30 days
Kiribativisa-free / 120 days
Lesothovisa-free / 90 days
Malawivisa-free / 90 days
Malaysiavisa-free / 30 days
Mauritiusvisa-free / 90 days
Micronesiavisa-free / 30 days
Namibiavisa-free / 90 days
Panamavisa-free / 180 days
Philippinesvisa-free / 30 days
Saint Kitts and Nevisvisa-free / 90 days
Seychellestourist registration / 90 days
St. Vincent and the Grenadinesvisa-free / 30 days
Tanzaniavisa-free / 90 days
Trinidad and Tobagovisa-free
Ugandavisa-free / 90 days
Vanuatuvisa-free / 30 days
Zambiavisa-free / 90 days
Zimbabwevisa-free / 90 days

The table shown above consists of the countries that you can travel to with just your Kenyan passport and you do not need any visa before you can go there.

Some countries also offer visa on arrival for Kenya citizens. Here is a complete list of visa on arrival countries for Kenya in 2020:

Countries That Accept Visa On ArrivalVisa On Arrival Duration
Boliviavisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Burkina Fasovisa on arrival / 30 days
Singaporevisa-free / 30 days
Somaliavisa on arrival / 30 days
South Sudanvisa on arrival
Sierra Leonevisa on arrival / 30 days
Sudanvisa on arrival / 30 days
Timor-Lestevisa on arrival / 30 days
Togovisa on arrival / 7 days
Tuvaluvisa on arrival / 30 days
Mozambiquevisa on arrival / 30 days
Nepalvisa on arrival / 90 days
Nigeriavisa on arrival / 90 days
Palauvisa on arrival / 30 days
Rwandafree visa on arrival / 180 days
Saint Luciavisa on arrival / 42 days
Samoavisa on arrival / 60 days
Senegalvisa on arrival / 30 days
Guinea-Bissauvisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Boliviavisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Cape Verdevisa on arrival
Comorosvisa on arrival / 45 days
Cambodiavisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days
Congo (Dem. Rep.)visa on arrival / 7 days
Iranvisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days
Jordanvisa on arrival
Laosvisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days
Macaovisa on arrival / 30 days
Madagascarvisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Maldivesvisa on arrival / 30 days
Mauritaniavisa on arrival

If you are of Kenyan nationality, then you can travel to most of these countries without a visa.

You should know that some countries have stricter visa requirements. If that is the case, your entry into those countries become more complicated, and you need to be issued a valid visa in order to legalize your entry into those countries.

The table below shows a list of countries that Kenya nationals need to apply for the eVisa:

Country That Requires eVisaeVisa Duration For Kenya Passport
Myanmar [Burma]eVisa / 28 days
QatareVisa / 30 days
Guinea-Bissauvisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Boliviavisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Madagascarvisa on arrival / eVisa / 90 days
Laosvisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days
Iranvisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days
Cambodiavisa on arrival / eVisa / 30 days

It will also interest you to know that Kenya has a visa waiver agreement with most East African countries as well as other nations on the African continent.

Because of that traveling to these countries, you do not need a visa. Also, holding the Kenyan passport opens many doors as you can apply for the eVisa or tourist visa when traveling to some countries.

Like you saw in the previous table.

You must note that these visa-free countries for Kenya have some limits, and it is usually for a short stay.

Even for some African countries, different forms of visas are required.

If you want to stay in a country for longer durations or permanently, then you need to get a resident permit. This means you need a visa. You must apply for a visa either before or after you have traveled to that country.

If you have your Kenyan passport and you are applying for a visa to travel to any of the visa required countries, then you need to take note of the visa processing time. Some Embassies will delay or even deny you the visa if you make even the slightest mistake on the visa application form.

The visa application procedure is different in different countries.

I believe you know that.

If you are not sure about the requirements for the visa application, then you need to visit the Embassy or Consulate of that country and get the right information.

Your travel documents should be intact as they will be inspected at the port of entry. If you don’t want to have any issues with the immigration officers at the airport, then you have to provide genuine documents.

For example, applying for the Schengen visa is totally different from that of a tourist visa or a transit visa to say china or the Emirates.

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Which Countries Require A Visa For Kenya

Many countries require a visa for Kenyan citizens. For some of these countries, you must follow the visa application procedure to get a permit to enter those countries.

These are examples of the countries that Kenyan nationals need a visa to visit:

  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • China
  • Schengen Area
  • China
  • Australia
  • Canada

Note that the Schengen area also requires a visa for Kenya citizens either for short stay or for business or tourist purposes.

You may need to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get more visa information on some of these countries.

Most of these foreign countries will require that your travel documents are intact before they issue the visa to you.

Those government officials with a diplomatic passport have a somewhat different process to go through.

How Many Countries Can You Travel With Kenyan Passport

With the Kenyan passport, you can travel to almost 39 countries without a visa at all. Moreover, you can travel to an additional 35 countries with a visa on arrival. Out of the 35 visa on arrival countries, there are 13 countries where you can also apply for the eVisa.

Therefore, with the Kenyan passport, you can travel to about 74 countries without a visa.

That is great!

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Which European Countries Does Not Require Visa For Kenyan Passport

Unfortunately, Kenyan citizens require a visa to travel to all European countries. This means no European country is visa-free or even visa on arrival for Kenyan passport holders.

You need a travel visa to visit these European countries.

And you must get it on time.

As a foreigner who wants to visit a country for a short stay, you need to apply for a visitor visa. If you want to stay for a longer period then you need a residence permit.

As I said, the visa applications are different for different countries. Moreover, you should not make any mistakes in your travel document.

That’s it. Now that you know all the countries that are visa-free to Kenyans and those that require visa-on-arrival or even the eVisa, it is time to make the necessary arrangements for your holiday or business trip.

If you have any other issues that are not mentioned in this post you can use the comment box below. The VisaFreeUpdate Team will do our best to answer all your questions.

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